Perfect Present Bracelet Red/ Pink

Perfect Present Bracelet Red/ Pink

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 Our Perfect Bangle Bracelet is sure to delight children of all ages.  The acrylic bracelet features a Red acrylic Package, Gold acrylic Glitter Bow and Pink acrylic interior ribbon detail.  The back Pink layer features a coordinating gold star detail.  The Bangle bracelet is a traditional bangle bracelet and is designed to go over the entire hand.

  Check out the coordinating Rings!!!  Super Cute!

The Bracelet comes in Three sizes 

2 1/8" opening Small  PRESNTBR-003SM

2 5/16” opening Medium  PRESNTBR-003MD

2 1/2" opening  Large  PRESNTBR-003LG

Unsure what size you need...cut a circle that is 2 1/8" and test it over your child's hand.